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NAFI has launched a new Web site, especially for those seeking help in Davidson County. This website includes a listing of resources related to credit repair, home buying, financial education and more! Visit today:

A couple in their late 50’s came last year and back again this year to get their taxes done for free. They used to pay to get their taxes done, but didn’t get the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit). He is on a disability pension, which makes him eligible for EITC. The VITA volunteer explained it to him and also amended prior year returns for them.

A client at the UW VITA Free Tax Prep site at Sam Levy came to the site after first meeting with a paid tax prep service. The paid tax preparer said the client would be getting an $1,100 refund. The client didn't think this sounded right and went to a United Way VITA site to have her taxes done for free. The IRS-trained and certified volunteer prepared her taxes and recognized that she qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit. The client ended up with a $5,400 refund. One of the many benefits of coming to a VITA site is that our volunteers are trained to ask the right questions to determine what credits can be applied. Make sure you get all the credits for which you qualify!

On February 17, a United Way VITA Mobile site client received a refund of nearly $11,000! They filed their own return using our computer and software and the assistance of an IRS-certified VITA volunteer; e-filed their return and chose to directly deposit their refund, all for FREE!

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