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Free Tax Preparation

Free tax preparation is available for most households earning $57,000 or less. Dial 2-1-1 to find a free tax preparation site near you. ::Click here:: to learn what to bring with you to the site.

My Money Plan

My Money Plan is a free, one-on-one session with a trained volunteer. In just one-hour, you will get a realistic budget that you help to create, an action plan to help you reach your goals, and information on additional resources to help you along the way. Dial 2-1-1 to find a My Money Planner near you or ::click here:: for more information.

Financial Stability Resource Guide -
A listing of free financial education and counseling services

We want to help you and your family to become financially stable, but we can only show you the way. The hard work is up to you, and you can do it! Take the first step today and access these resources to make a better future for you and your family. ::Download:: the Financial Stability Resource Guide. If you don't know where to begin, start with a ::My Money Plan::.


Do you need help but don't know where to go? Just dial 2-1-1 on your phone. When you call, you'll get a real person, one who is trained to help you sort out your needs, and then give you phone numbers and addresses of the closest places where you can get help. Don't worry if you don't know what type of service you need or the name of an agency - just talk with the specialist at the other end of the line and she or he can help you find what you need. All calls are free and completely confidential.

Predatory Lending Information and Victim Information

Details Coming Soon

Bank On Music City

Visit our ::Bank On Music City:: Web site




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