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United Way Offers Free Tax Assistance

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The tax deadline is less than a week away, and if taxpayers earn less than $49,000 a year the United Way will help for free.

For months, money has been the hot topic at James Sykes barbershop. Sykes says most of his customers are using their refund for necessities or saving for the unexpected.

"A lot of people have changed their spending habits," says Sykes. "They're conscious about what they spend, how they spend, and what they spend it on."

For the second year, taxpayer Dalgua Hershey came to the Gallatin Road office to tackle her taxes.

"Well they did a good job last year, and two, the fact it doesn't cost me anything. Because with today's economy you've got to cut back every place you can," says Hershey.

The United Way and its' partners, such as Metro Schools, coordinate the free Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites.

"Oh I think it's great. I know last year I got back a lot more than I anticipated," says Hershey.

Rather than spending their tax return on getting their taxes done, anyone with an income less than $49,000 can take part.

"They can invest in their children. They can invest in their future as opposed to then going to a paid agency which will often charge a few hundred dollars," says tax preparer John Bowman

The United Way has about a dozen free tax preparation sites in Middle Tennessee. Those offices will be open through April 15th.

You can find out where they are and their hours of operation by dialing 211.

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