Free Tools & Resources

Free Tax Preparation Outreach

Free tax preparation is available for most households earning $57,000 or less. ::Click here:: to download flyers and other materials for you to share with eligible taxpayers.

My Money Plan Outreach

My Money Plan is a free, one-on-one financial session with a trained volunteer. Download a flyer and the My Money Plan template, which you can tailor to the needs of your own organization.

Financial Stability Resource Guide - Great for making knowledgeable referrals!

This guide includes many free or affordable asset-building resources in Davidson County related to: Credit repair, financial education, housing/homebuying assistance, HUD/THDA Certified Housing Counselors, small business/employment, and Savings Accounts/IDAs. You may access the ::electronic version:: or ::click here:: to request free hard copies for you or your organization.

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Fact Sheet

Why is the EITC so important? For example, did you know that the EITC lifts more children out of poverty than ANY social program or combination of social programs in the country?! ::Download Fact Sheet::

Upcoming Trainings

NAFI provides many FREE train-the-trainer workshops throughout the year to help you to implement or improve your financial education program.

No future trainings are currently scheduled.




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